We have been called and designed to do far more than exist.

We have been invited by Jesus Christ to “have life, and have it to the full” ( John 10:10 NIV). “Why we exist” is referring to why we have a church, gather every week, give our time and resources to a cause bigger than all of us and persevere through any and all circumstances. Behind every decision, permeating every investment, and determining every major event and program lays the motivation of our mission.

The term “mission critical” is used to describe something that must take place in order for the system or organization to survive. If the essential element is absent, nothing else works! If FedEx no longer prioritizes timely delivery, the company will cease to exist. If Netflix ceases to release new material, the subscriptions will grind to a halt, and on and on we could go.

Then, why is it that many churches can survive for years, even decades, without seeing anyone come to faith in Jesus, be baptized in water, and discipled? People finding faith in Jesus and growing in their relationship with Him is our “mission critical.” If people are not being saved, redeemed, rescued from a life of sin and redirected in their eternal destiny, then our system is broken and nothing else really matters.

Join us this March as we read Heart for the House together! Grab your free copy at church on Sunday or click the link below to download now!