Why take the challenge?
Why take the challenge?

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Commit to give 10%

Begin tithing (giving the first 10%) of your income to God. Commit to doing this the full 90 days. You can give via cash, check, or securely online.

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We get it, tithing is a step of faith. Over the 90 days our pastoral team will walk you through what the Bible says about why we tithe.
We took the challenge
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10 Reasons
  1. We tithe because the first and the best belongs to the Lord.
  2. We tithe because wisdom cries out that we should.
  3. We tithe because New Testament believers gave a percentage of their income consistently and generously.
  4. We tithe because Jesus never negated or abolished the practice of tithing.
  5. We tithe because it is a starting point for New Testament giving.
  1. We tithe because it releases the blessing of God.
  2. We tithe because of grace, but we are not legalistic!
  3. We tithe because it all belongs to God in the first place.
  4. We tithe because it’s remained the established doctrine and practice of great leaders and churches throughout history.
  5. We tithe because one day we will give an account!
Are you ready to take the Tithe Challenge?

How do I take the 90 Day Tithe Challenge?

Taking the challenge is as easy as signing up using the link on this page. Your 90-day challenge will then begin the following day. Throughout the challenge you will receive content (via the email address used during setup) to encourage you throughout your journey.

When does the 90 Day Tithe Challenge start?

After you fill out the challenge sign-up form, your challenge begins the next day.

Can I receive a tax benefit while taking the challenge?

Yes! The Father’s House is 100% non-profit organization. When you give you receive a tax benefit. TFH records your giving records and at the end of each year provides a giving statement for when you file your taxes.
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If so, we want to hear your story of what God did in your life as a result.
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